Leadership is a process of social influence where one person enlists the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task.

All people have a purpose, a gift, a calling. 

When you lead on purpose, people join you.

As a coach, I use traditional leadership assessment tools and evidence-based, transformational practices, along with goal-centered conversation to:

  • Assesses your skills and abilities, strengths and challenges through 360-degree methods to talk with you and others within the system

  • Define stretchy, strong objectives, goals, and commitments

  • Select practices that assure progress toward intended outcomes

  • Teach partnership and collaboration that drives innovation

  • Rewire habit patterns of action through the application of neuroscience, body-based research, and evidence-based practices

  • Practice communication skills through role-play and scenarios

  • Settle the nervous system to reduce anxiety and stress

  • Expand your range of emotion to be able to connect with all people

Sessions can take place in person - my office or yours, over a video service such as Zoom or Skype, or on on the phone. 

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There comes a point where you can’t think your way out of a behavior or habit, you need to find an alternative path. The work I did with Tracy was able to help me gain new insights into long standing, recurring issues. The body held wisdom I didn’t have access to, and through the conversations and practices, as well as the deep listening and compassion Tracy exhibited, I was able to uncover what was hidden and bring about the changes I had long desired to make.
— D.L.