I have an unstoppable commitment to effect positive change in the world. A revolution of the body and mind.

As a Master Somatic Coach and an Applied Behavioral Scientist, I have developed a unique methodology through 20 years of research and application, that marries brain/body science, movement practices, and goal-centered conversation.

As a coach, I am a master in helping people remove barriers and embody their full potential. I enable you to transcend “stuck” and enter flow.

I am a dynamic facilitator and a highly respected leadership and organizational development consultant. Transforming organizations from profit-based to purpose-based, tending to the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit.

I am an artist, poet, and writer.


I have led mid-size businesses, worked in corporations, and am an entrepreneur.

I bring decades of practice in meditation and yoga.

I have traveled the world to climb sheer cliffs and mountains.

All of these pursuits have led me to believe that leadership lives as much in the body as it does the mind.

My methodology sustainably develops the competencies leaders need to wrestle with and be disturbed by complex problems, listen to the deeper need, and stand for what is just, especially when it is difficult.

To change the mind and body is hard work. But hard work never scared me. And if you are reading this, it likely doesn't scare you either.

Whether you lead a family, an organization or a country, I can help you lead with dignity.

Leading begins from the inside out. We may be inspired by someone or something outside of ourselves, but it is the spark inside that begins the revolution.

My spark was lit by a Keep America Beautiful PSA commercial in the 1970's. A call to action. A Native American on horseback tearing up in the face of industrialization and the disconnection it breeds in the people. 

From that moment, I dedicated my life to learning how to be a leader for a more just world.

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