Prepare to navigate complex challenges.

Body and Mind - Somatic Leadership Development

Leadership happens from the inside out.

I have spent 20-years weaving together systems theory, brain and body science, and deep psychology to create a fast track to leadership embodiment: the mind and body working together toward sustainable change.

Visionary Organizational Culture Change

For 25 years, I have worked with organizations to create unique, thriving cultures.

Through our work, people hire right the first time, have less attrition, increase their commitment to the vision and mission resulting in higher levels of accountability, innovation, and reward - either profit or an increase in their bottom line.

Heal through Story

Humans are biologically hardwired for relationship.

When we learn HOW to safely share our vulnerabilities, we feel our common humanity.

Healing through Story creates strong communities.

Tracy is a true nexus for the merging of theory and practice. While many facilitators default to one more than the other, Tracy somehow manages to weave the perfect balance of well-researched information with exercises that help participants embody the learning.
— P.T. Canadian Non-Profit

Learning Opportunties

For nearly five years, Tracy has been a guiding force in our companies growth. Ultimately, the deep work of living into our potential is up to us, but Tracy has provided us a solid structural framework to step it up.
— S.L., Green Canopy Homes