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Body and Mind - Somatic Leadership Development

From my experiences as a leader, both in organizations and in climbing, I know leadership happens from the inside out.

First, we envision a stretch goal. A better job. More influence. Desire to more effectively manage people. This idea begins in our mind.

Then we start experimenting. We take courses, read books, and talk to mentors. We start to reshape how we think and act as a leader. This takes place in our body.

As your coach, I will help you weave together cutting-edge theories in neuroscience with body-based practices. You will experiment efficiently, gaining the skills you need to lead the way you want.

I have spent 20-years weaving together systems theory, brain and body science, and deep psychology to create a fast track to leadership embodiment: the mind and body working together toward sustainable change.

Visionary Organizational Culture Change

For 25 years, I have worked with people in organizations - non-and for-profit, volunteer and educational. Common to every organization is people's desire to contribute their gifts and thrive in their lives.

I have dedicated my career to helping build unique environments where people and organizations thrive.

My methods are simultaneously time-tested and emergent. They inspire more cohesive, inclusive, and productive cultures.

When people are seen for their contributions, they are happier. They work harder and more effectively, and show up in ways that amaze others. This benefit extends to their communities and families.

In business speak, by creating a unique, thriving environment you will decrease attrition, and increase accountability, innovation, and profit.

And make the world a better place for those that work with and for you.

Healing through Story

Humans are biologically hardwired for relationship.

We learn through imitation, conversation, and story. We heal through connection.

Our cultural practices are fragmented and distracted. They lack the intimacy and vulnerability that strengthen relationship.

Story, yours and mine, woven together, heals the separation of the people.

When we learn HOW to intimately share our vulnerabilities, we see our common humanity.

When these skills are practiced, communities make a profound shift. They become havens for connection and healing.

I help weave strong tapestries of connection through story and conversation. I have been doing this for as long as I can remember.

Healing through Story creates safety and builds strong communities.

Tracy is a true nexus for the merging of theory and practice. While many facilitators default to one more than the other, Tracy somehow manages to weave the perfect balance of well-researched information with exercises that help participants embody the learning.
— P.T. Canadian Non-Profit

Learning Opportunties

For nearly five years, Tracy has been a guiding force in our companies growth. Ultimately, the deep work of living into our potential is up to us, but Tracy has provided us a solid structural framework to step it up.
— S.L., Green Canopy Homes