Lead on purpose.

I support organizations, communities, and individuals to take action with awareness and compassion through conversation, movement, and the body.

As a Master Somatic Coach, I engage the whole system in experiential learning.

Somatics is a discipline that understands the mind alone does not create a path for change. As our experiences live in the body, and we take action with the body, the body must be included in learning for sustainable progress toward any goal. 

Using a systems perspective, I take in the whole 'body' of a group or individual. The system reveals its challenges, even if they are not spoken, through the action it takes or does not take, what it says or does not say, and simply how it moves as an entity. 

As we uncover the purpose that drives an individual or organization, I assess strengths and areas to develop in moving toward this goal. 


Using a gestalt of methods in conversation, we arrive at bold and pertinent goal. As language gives voice to action, and can shape how we think and feel, special attention is paid to not only what is said, but to how and why.

Basic communication techniques are taught throughout sessions. We address conflict, feedback, active listening and other skills useful to leaders.


Movement practices, as individuals and as a group, work with the body and brain connection. 

To embody leadership skills, to make them automatic, to have a chance at choosing them instead of leaving it to a miracle, we must engage the body in our learning.

This is called somatic learning.

Movement practices in line with a commitment get at the heart of the challenges facing a person. People learn how to be congruent in their body and mind. This alone will set you apart from your colleagues. 


Our body holds a lifetime of shaping called armoring.

Armoring happens below our level of consciousness.

Armoring limits the life we feel moving through the body, and can lead to a general malaise, chronic illness, muscular tightness, headaches, stomach issues and many other ailments. 

The aim of Strozzi Somatic bodywork is to reconnect the body to the brain and unlock long held patterns of thought, emotion and action giving us more capacity to feel and be present to the life we lead. 

This bodywork is an amalgamation of techniques: rolfing, breath work, feldenkrais, polarity therapy, acupressure, and others.

It weaves commitment and purpose into the body, re-patterning movement and increasing focus.

Bodywork generally happens on an individual level. Yet, aspects of bodywork - like breathing differently or rhythmically - can be done as a group.

Building the body of a Leader

... is hard work. 

It means ...

  • understanding the systems that helped you become who you are; from your family system to the social and political culture of your country of origin.
  • learning communication skills to dialogue confidently about your and others goals, how these desires were shaped by your particular history, and live fully into your emotions.
  • and, knowing how your body holds onto your history and depending on the system you come from, determines your ability to build connection, share emotions, and choose your direction.

Through these lenses, I help you build the body of a leader from the inside out.