Culture change makes innovation possible

The time spent with Tracy has given us confidence as business owners. Through her wise and resourced guidance, we began a value-based business approach that has made us a stronger business.
— J. C., Local Seattle Business Owner

Organizational systems deeply impact the lives of those who work with them.

A purpose-driven organization changes the lives of the people in the system. It gives them hope.

Strengthen your culture. Become a purpose-driven organization.

Here is how I work with organizations:

  • Evaluate system health through relevant whole system conversations, and the use of research and evidence-based organizational assessments
  • Create/refine a strong purpose, vision and mission
  • Facilitate conversations with employees to define values that support the vision and mission
  • Determine best practices to achieve vision and mission - values in action
  • Offer leadership skills training to all employees using real-time work issues as content
  • Apply skills learned at internal and external meetings
  • Teach staff how to coach each other to become the most powerful version of themselves
  • Offer what you learn to other organizations - spread the skills and ideas
  • Change the world

People that seek my services:

  • Have a purpose bigger than simply making money
  • Want to be the change and offer something back to the world
  • Desire to learn the how to's of developing leaders, but have no time to go back to school
  • Work for a better world for their children, or the children
  • Lead through innovation, but feel limited by the cultural constraints of business
  • Concoct bold visions, and need support in executing them
  • Know a new way is possible, and want to be a leader for a more just future

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