Being Human

I want you to know that this has weight.

Being human.

It may feel heavy at times, like a sky, dark with rain, pressing down upon us.

It should.

This life is a gift not to be squandered.


I want you to know that being human feels complex, because it is.

Like the intricate web of connection within an ecosystem.

The moss providing something for the earth providing something for the tree and the beasts and the things that fly.


I want you to know that you matter in so many ways.

Your opinion matters.

What you say matters.

You have an impact on other people.

Whether you admit it or not.

Whether you believe it to be true.


Each one of us is called.

Called to stand in what is uniquely ours.

Our story. Our history. Our future. Our path.

Heavy and complex with responsibility.


Each of us has a place.

When we have a place in the greater world, we take care of that place.

Even a homeless person cares for their spot.

We make the time to see that place and be in that place.

We let that place live in us.

And through that weaving of connection – the place and us, and us and the place – we become bigger.

We can hold more