Set out on your path.

We all may have a vision. But is it clear? Is it unblocked by life long baggage?

Join us for an 8 session course to uncover the gift at “the center of the image you were born with.”

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Revolution, not resolutions.

Start off the year not with resolutions, but with a revolution of being. Break through barriers to the future your desire; or at least begin to see where and what they are. Open your eyes to opportunities you did not know existed. 

This course will profoundly shift how you see your life and what you become. This course will not do the work for you. This course is only a new beginning. 

Over our eight weeks together we will cover: 

  1. 1/15/19 - Define the Gap - Current and Desired States 

  2. 1/22/19 - What Fills You Up

  3. 2/5/19 - Name your Hoped for Future

  4. 2/12/19 - Deepest Longing Revealed/Remembering Childhood Dreams

  5. 2/26/19 - Make Friends with your Inner Critic

  6. 3/5/19 - Ending the War of Childhood

  7. 3/12/19 - Own Back your Projections

  8. 3/19/18 - Put it all Together

The week before each session you will receive a 20-minute recording and a powerpoint deck that details what we will cover on the call. You are expected to listen, review, and do the homework.

Each course is one-hour-long. We will flesh out the content covered in the pre-work, be in conversation about our process or what came up, and practice together. There is homework in between each session. There is also the opportunity to be a part of a learning group in between each session.