Revolution happens through the body.

Somatics is the study of the mind and body connection. Similar to mindfulness in the practice of directing your attention, but more active. 

Until I took a course with Tracy, I did not realize that all my life I had never been really listened to. Through her course, I learned what real listening meant and felt like. I can now listen with more intention and know when others are listening to me.
— D.M.

This course is helpful for those looking to understand:

  • how to sustainably change habits in individuals
  • new ways of crafting the message of whole system change
  • leading from the self with care and dignity - soft front and strong back (Brene Brown)
  • ideas for bringing mindful action to your family, clients, or community

In this course, you will learn:

  • how the brain and body learn beginning in utero
  • ways to retrain your bodies automatic reactions to gain more choice
  • movement practices to develop new habits of action
  • ways to offer behaviorally specific feedback to change a person's habit of action
  • to make a strong learning commitment
  • various body work -including touch, breath and action - to feel the self differently

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