"When you straighten your back, people can't ride you." MLK

It is time to stand up for what you believe. It is time to be the leader you want to see in the world. 

This course will help you pursue a more just society without burning through your reserves.

This is a powerful four-session course. Three evenings and one three-day overnight in Washington State.

Tracy is a grounded presence. I learn as much through watching her as I do from being in practice with others. I highly recommend any course she teaches. Be aware, you will be challenged.
— C.M.

If you are ready to take this course, you might hear yourself saying:

  • I am ready, but I am uncertain how to broach the important conversations I want to have.
  • I want to stand in my power at work, at home, and through this, build community - not sever it.
  • I can feel the power inside, but I am not sure how to let it out.
  • I want to invite others into a new possibility in the world, but I am afraid they won't join me.

Here is what you will learn at the course how to:

  • Take a stand - for yourself, others, and the dignity of all creatures in the world
  • Partner - with yourself and other people
  • Use your voice - loud and proud
  • Recover when you make a mistake - with every bold action there is risk
  • Build community - at work, home and elsewhere
  • Have new conversations - the one you want to have, but don't know how

We will use your body, your voice and your vision to build practices that guarantee your success. Through this course, you will build the tools to take the action you desire.

Course Dates:

  • Tuesdays in September: 11th, 18th and 25th from 6 to 9 pm
  • Wednesday, October 3rd at 8 am through Friday, October 5th at 6 pm

Email me with any questions. Go here to sign up. (link coming soon....)