"The world is calling to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting, over and over announcing your place in the family of things."

an excerpt from Wild Geese by Mary Oliver

There comes a time when we realize work is not enough. We want to contribute to something greater than our selves, but do not know where to begin. 

We desire to live in a world where we feel deeply satisfied with our contribution on more than a monetary scale.

The type of thinking that created our current success is not effective to create a our desired future. To implement it yes, but not create it. We know this.

Leave a Legacy course will take you out of your comfort zone of thinking, feeling, and acting. It will open you up to a world you barely remember. A world of innocence and grace. It will ask you to be disrupted by the world, your thoughts, your dreams, and let your guard down to all that you have kept at bay.

While the significance of mind-body connection was not news to me, I quickly learned from Tracy the transformative power of this relationship. Tracy is exceptionally skilled in helping you learn to truly integrate your intellectual, spiritual, and physical capacities and leverage this holistic way of being in the world. Through my work with Tracy, I developed greater self-confidence, increased resilience, and clarity about my commitment to aligning my personal vision and values with my professional life.
— T.B.

The Leave a Legacy course creates disruption to your normal everyday world. It asks the question, "What is it you want to do with this one precious life?" And helps you answer it. 

Group learning is essential to the success of this course. There is a change that happens in groups when they break down the social structures that bind them and in the ambiguity that arises create something new.

This course is about being seen by and seeing others. This is deeply healing and incredibly scary. Only people who are ready should apply. You must have no where to turn as everywhere you go you see possibility, but don't know how to reach it. 

People who attend this course want to:

  • Leave a Leagacy
  • Become a useful and powerful elder
  • Communicate their vision and invite people to join them
  • Take a stand safely with and for others 
  • Be a part of the great turning
  • Sharpen their message for sustainable change
  • Contribute to their family, community and work place through "being the change" and "paying it forward"
  • Lead change in complex systems

Courses take place four times in one year November through October in various locations in the United States. We will be both indoor and outdoor regardless of the weather.

Courses use nature as our guide. The structures that hold people through this process are deeply informed by depth psychology, systems and complexity theory, body-based somatic practices, foundations of transformational change, experiential education, mindfulness, and nature-based practices.

In the course you learn new ways of seeing and interacting with yourself, others, and the world. You will learn hard and soft skills, give and receive coaching and feedback, make art, move in a linear and non-linear way, reflect, spend time in nature, and get lots of practice being in your body differently. 

This course runs through gift. We offer our gift in our accumulated knowledge and experience, and you offer us back the core cost of the course, plus whatever amount you feel the course is/was worth, or pay it forward.

We aspire to build a generative global community. You struggling with this conversation - do I pay them what I think it is worth, what they ask, later, or not at all - is the first part of the course.

Email me with any questions. Go here to sign up. (link coming soon....)