What sets you apart as a leader? 

From all over the world, people call us to learn HOW to gain mastery as a leader. The person they envision being, but have a hard time finding and sustaining when situations get intimate or difficult.

These people are already amazing, well respected leaders in their fields. They simply do not have the expertise we have developed in navigating the interpersonal dynamics that come with complex systems.

These leading on purpose sessions bring theory and practice together in one place. They teach you HOW to become a master in leading organizations, groups, communities and countries.

Many of us learn theory, in books, talks, school, and at trainings. We often feel inspired. Then we head back to our people and struggle to remember what we learned or how to use it.

Every time I attend a course Tracy teaches, the world turns around for me. I start being successful in ways that were not possible before. I doubt it and yet every time I am startled by the outcome. If you are feeling stuck, and even if you are not, go see Tracy. Because you are stuck, you just don’t know it!
— P. F.

My body-based methodology creates a way to learn in your body and brain, using two methods of remembering instead of one. This practice creates 'aha' moments that link historical experiences together illuminating the pathway to new and effective action.

People who attend my courses:

  • Know a different more respectful and generous way of leading is possible

  • Want to masterfully communicate, up and down the chain of command

  • Aspire to build their quiver of leadership skills and become an expert marks person

  • Hope to learn from other people through sharing stories of successes and challenges

  • Boost their hiring and interviewing potential

  • Contribute to their family by learning skills and "paying them forward"

  • Lead small businesses and want to understand HOW to navigate interpersonal and organizational dynamics

Courses take place once per month. They begin in September and go until March. They take place on Fridays from 9 am to 1 pm, in Seattle. There are a maximum of 10 participants in each session. 

Courses are based on the foundational principles of embodied leadership for transformational change at work, home, community, locally and globally. The following topics will be covered in order:

  • Mindset and Skillset - How to build a strong foundation. September.

  • Influence - How to lead with grace and power. October.

  • Impact - How to share and listen for what is important. November.

  • Differing Perspectives - How to blend with another person’s perspective. January.

  • Deconstructive Feedback - How to be in a generative feedback conversation. February.

  • Difficult Conversations - How to put it all together with style. March.

They involve hard skills, soft skills, coaching, feedback, art, movement, contemplation, and lots of practice. Go here to find out more.

Email me with any questions. Go here to sign up.