Courses by Design

My courses weave together neuroscience, body-based practices, and depth psychology, inviting you into a conversation with your self and others that has the power to transform your life.

You can choose from the ones below or contact me to craft a specific course to meet a need of your organization or community.

Evidence-based and researched content, goal-centered conversations, movement, and reflection time allow you to feel the science in your body, help you take difficult action, and safely learn in community.

If you are curious about leadership, cultural change, somatics, trauma, the nervous system, expanding your skill set as a coach or therapist, or just a life-long learner, these courses will safely challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and build your capacity as a leader in your home, work, or community.



Embodied learning is my specialty

I have a deep knowledge of neuroscience and movement practices that help the learning live in the body.

In this course you will experience how to learn with the body and brain. You will walk away with tangible practices and concepts to share with your family, community or clients.

Leadership Presence Series

"Why didn't I learn this in high School?!"

I receive this comment often when teaching. In school, we are taught knowledge, but not how to communicate what we know to others.

The content and practices of these courses will teach you HOW to communicate with others. This course is designed to help you embody what you learn in a way that is hard to forget and easy to access when you need it.

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Leave a legacy

Bring your gift to the world

This is a year-long cohort group. It is designed to disrupt your current life to make space for the life you are destined to live.

If you are curious about your gift to the world, leaving a legacy, becoming an elder, or living your dream, join us..

This course is by application only. Please contact me if you are interested.


Stand in your Power / Find your Voice

"Stand your ground."

"Speak out."

"Take a stand."

"Use your voice."

Most of us have heard these terms. We may even know how to take the posture or call out to the world. Yet, many of us do not know how to sustain the connection that comes when we take these actions.

This course will teach you what to do after you stand your ground and use your voice.

This is a multi-day and location course with three days of overnight back-country camping.


Build your Love Shield

Protect and open

Unless you live under a rock, the world constantly bombards us with seriously disruptive news and reality.

How does one get up in the morning and still have hope, when all we see around us is the destruction of beautiful creatures, places and things?

We build a love shield. A bubble around our heart that is permeable so we can give love and get love and not be broken.