My experience and interests that inform our work together:

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M.A. in Leadership & Organizational Development: LIOS, Bastyr University

Through observing and analyzing the whole system, I diagnose the strengths and challenges of an individual or organization.

Master Somatic Coach Distinction: Strozzi Institute

Somatic learning is the most efficient path to becoming a powerful leader. I work with and through the body. I help re-shape your nervous system and brain synapses, through bodywork, movement, and conversation.

Depth Psychology: Animas Institute

Deep inside of us, through the lens of the soul, we know who we are. I help you remember this place.

30-Year Meditation Practice: Vipassana

All my clients benefit from a daily mindfulness practice.

25-Year Climbing Experience: Mountains and Cliffs around the world

To be a good climber, leader, and partner, you must remain calm under pressure and still make the next move. 

Women Studies Minor: University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

This lens empowers everyone's pursuit of justice and equality.

B.A. Art History: University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Through art, we dive into your psyche and reintegrate subconscious images and subjects.

Yoga Instructor Certification: 8 Limbs Yoga, Seattle, WA

Yoga is more than simply a practice on a mat. It provides a structure for spiritual, physical, and holistic body-based practices. 

Significant Climbs

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