shared stories build strong communities

Tracy’s knowledge base, skill at delivery, use of innovative interactivity exercises and cascading enthusiasm allow her to engage the entire demographic spectrum. One of her sessions was attended by a long-standing member who is, by nature, skeptical of pretty much everything. At the end of the course he raised his hand and said, “I only have one question. When are you coming back?
— P. T.

Words have the power to light a spark of longing. 

This spark illuminates the depths of our soul and sets dreams on fire.

Stories stir people. They remember parts of themselves long forgotten and light the path in front of them. 

To inspire people is one thing. To know a fool-proof way to sustain the inspiration is another. I have dedicated my life to help people make their dreams a reality.

Heal through story, builds compassion for our humanity, and conversation among people.

To speak longings into life and develop the body of leaders strengthens the fabric of a culture. We weave purpose, language, and practice into a web of connection and possibility that can be felt. 

My interactive, experiential, and motivating group conversations are based on the following subjects:

  • Becoming a leader in your community, school, business, family, state, or country

  • Finding your soul in a busy world

  • Practices to build a community of hope

  • Neuroscience of leadership

  • Building a strong culture

  • Human psychological development - how we become who we are and how to change

  • Finding balance in an unbalanced world

  • Sustainable change - weathering the discomfort of shifting our patterns

  • Climbing as a metaphor for leadership

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